The Everlasting Gospel Publishing Association (EGPA) is a self-supporting missionary organization that brings the Three Angels's Message to the world through publications.

1. Our Aim

God has given His remnant the precious gift-the Spirit of Prophecy. Thus, at EGPA, our priority is to publish Spirit of Prophecy literature and initiate projects to distribute it worldwide.

God's people are commissioned to preach the everlasting gospel of Revelation 14:6-7 "into them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people." After this, the end will come. Accordingly, many workers of the Lord have been making an effort to distribute truth-filled literature containing the everlasting gospel and explaining the Holy Scriptures. Our aim for the past 15 years follows these lines. Every effort has been made to highlight the importance and encourage interest in studying God's word through our publications, the History of Redemption series.

We are thankful that the Lord has blessed us with courage and wisdom to carry out each project. It is our desire to distribute the Spirit of Prophecy in countries where God's people live under difficult economic conditions.

Our Ministry

  • Publication Department :
    1. HOR distribution(international)
  • Development Department :
    1. Editing, Proofing
    2. Outsourcing team
  • Marketing Department :
    1. Website development
    2. International marketing
  • Research & Education :
    1. HOR Study Groups and Seminars
  • Free Literature Distribution :
    1. Fund-raising project for distribution of free literature

A Ministry with Global Impact

Computer based printing technology has enabled our evangelistic efforts to overcome language barriers, as we are able to shift our production to different parts of the world. Modern infrastructure also allows for worldwide delivery on time, even to remote regions.

Factors such as quality assurance, lower manufacturing costs and on-time delivery have enabled us to globalize effectively, so that our funds can be maximized for the Lord's work. Therefore, we have set up branches in Japan, China and in the USA. Translation, proofreading and literature distribution is done in cooperation with our local counterparts, while our Korean head office takes charge of editing, publishing and shipping.

To meet demand for portable and easy to read literature at reasonable cost, we have designed a one-volume History of Redemption series. By divine providence, we were able to print them with high quality paper, using state-of-the-art printing and computer technology. Support for this project has come from faithful brethren around the world, and its success encouraged us to come up with the pocket sized History of Redemption series for easy access.

Research and Education

It is a constant desire of the church to help people to study the Spirit of Prophecy with interest and enthusiasm. We produced the History of Redemption chart because we realized that visual aid is essential in teaching this broad subject of truth. The chart and chart guide book were developed as a resource for easier study on the Spirit of Prophecy. The pocket sized History of Redemption is also designed to provide easy access to the Spirit of Prophecy.

[View the History of Redemption Series Study Chart]

Free Literature Distribution

Our literature has been donated by bulk to China, India and other countries in Asia and Africa. To cope with growing demand, a team has been formed to handle this project. The team receives many letters of acknowledgement and testimonies from recipients.

The Spirit of Prophecy is,
The Firm Foundation of the truth of Remnant,
A shield that holds us from the gale of false,
A lamp enlightens us of History and Prophecy in the time of insecurity.

H O R (History of Redemption series) : It is a new title for the Great Controversy series. It is also called as Conflict of the Ages series.